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The story about how we got here ...

Dynamics Exchange is the portal for everything on, for, or about Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, technology, industry, and community. We set out to provide a better way to access all the information available on Dynamics CRM and particularly to unite the global community.

Before Dynamics Exchange.com the best information has been made available by Microsoft for all their Dynamics CRM information. But Microsoft’s effort is spread over literally hundreds of pages and dozens of individual web sites. Over 100 CRM professionals across the globe, both internal and external to Microsoft, do complement the Microsoft effort with over 100 blogs that are touched by major search engines – but this still makes any particular critical, timely, and valuable information way too tough to find and so blog efforts are so massive that browsing isn’t even fun after a short while.

Add to this that the best work in the community is done by over 300 Microsoft Partners – again spread across the globe, Certified on Dynamics CRM as ISV (Independent Solution Venders), these professionals develop truly great extensions to Dynamics CRM and make them readily available to go as products – built and tested to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK – Solution Development kit - IF YOU CAN FIND THEM!

The Dynamics CRM global community and industry as well as Microsoft itself desperately needs an independent portal to serve the community at large with the latest Web 2.0 web technologies and concepts. The industry is global today and Microsoft still works in regions. The portal must be in support of the community like a social network BUT this business network needs and wants products and services – and they want them conveniently with protections and the best decision support backing possible.

This portal has to be a unique hybrid of social network and e-commerce website. There is a fine line in today’s web world between the independence and human-quality nature of the social network and the communities needs to get their hands on talent and intellectual property at reasonable pricing on a global scale and fair compensation for the developers of the products and services sought after. And the portal has to be managed by an entity inside the community and credentialed in the industry – independent from Microsoft and yet with a finger on pulse and command of the technologies.

This portal is an expensive undertaking – both to build and to manage long term. And the Exchange Portal’s funding can neither undermine the free nature of a social network nor play favorites or burden the independent ISV development community. A tall order!

Dynamics Exchange has been developed and is currently managed by Management Technology Consulting LLC, a small USA-headquartered Microsoft Gold Certified Partner working exclusively in Dynamics CRM, with development offices in India and regional support and development offices opening in Europe, Asia, South America, and the middle-east. The exchange portal project was conceived by MTC president Darryl Henderson and green lighted for the development costs on a “Build-it-and-they-will-come” faith. DynamicsExchange embodies MTC’s best beliefs that open exchange is best, the customer needs what the customer needs – instant access, ISV Partners need a better way to reach the community, and that the community can continually improve lowering costs and improving access. To date the portal Exchange has over 10 man-years of web technology and content development and is built on a state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies centric platform.

Dynamics Exchange truly brings unique and superior tools to the industry and global community for the benefit of all! And the exchange will grow and improve with input and guidance of the industry and you who are our community. Please help the community develop a better way to utilize Dynamics CRM – SHARE WHAT YOU LEARN.

The plan is that Dynamics Exchange can recoup MTC’s development costs and whatever future management costs with a reasonable profit by allowing access to all of Microsoft’s online and on-premises product licenses at excellent “Community” pricing as well as earn commissions on some of the ISV 3rd party products the exchange promotes. Dynamics Exchange will never be the source for corporate purchases or replace the local or enterprise class relationship that CRM clients around the globe need and establish. But DynamicsExchange can provide an invaluable service to the entire industry and global community and offer a better way and better price performance for smaller organizations and those having trouble attaining resources otherwise. MTC has worked hard to position Dynamics Exchange where our fellow Microsoft partners gain a benefit and not a competitor. “Build it and they will come”. Please contribute to and use the exchange and please consider making your product and technology purchases as well as your professional service engagements and support bookings through the exchange.