Revenue Forecast Manager

Revenue Forecast Manager
For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Views are user-defined for flexible forecasting over select time horizons and inclusive of staff individually or teams to the enterprise as consistent with Dynamics CRM use.This Managed Solution is available conveniently as a standalone Opportunity Forecast Manager CRM add-in, a component of MTC's Time and Billing or ConsultPro enterprise solutions, or custom to suite your needs.

Want to see you Opportunity Revenue details?
Click the Forecast Manager ribbon button for an in-place-editable View-selectable presentation management workspace of your CRM Opportunities.

Feature Set
  • Now see Opportunity Totaling and important Probability weighted totaling by and CRM standard or custom view you create by individual, team, or forecast period.
  • All Opportunity fields available in any for forecast management by detail including by Project, Account, and User.
  • Complete compliance to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK for all business logic and secured fields
  • All CRM Modes - On-Premises, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD), Microsoft CRM online, Hosted
  • Export data and to Microsoft Excel for inclusion in other analysis or presentations.
  • Supports analysis by all standard or custom CRM "Advanced Find" View buckets from days and weeks to quarters and yeas to fit the unique business model, or simply alternate views of the business.
  • Easily centrally review and iterate all relevant data in sales Opportunities

Revenue Forecast Manager ...
Manage Your Staff and Move-Forward Your Opportunities to Grow Your Sales . .
Edit Opportunities in - place on the View of your choice faster than ever before for an instant gain in productivity! Even edit down columns like in Microsoft Excel.

Create custom "Views" in the standard CRM method for company-wide viewing or personal Views of revenue forecasts by individuals or teams, and by period for future week, month, quarters, etc. with ease. Each View will populate the totals, weighted totals, average, and count.

Manage processing your Opportunity records for Win or Loss from the forecast view. Create CRM Workflows to trigger from the forecast views as well to perform sophisticated sales processing.

User Experiences
  • Everyone appreciates its easy in-place editable view of sales opportunities highlighting accurate revenue flow
  • Sales Managers appreciate being able to easily view and update Opportunities assigned directly to them and/or to their direct reports to paint an accuratepicture of revenue projection.
  • C-Level Management appreciates the visibility and the increased accuracy in stewardship of the business.

Licensed to match number of CRM Users for lowest cost. 1st year CRM-upgrade coverage, feature enhancement, and unlimited installation and configuration support. Annual support and maintenance renewal at 25%.

Partner NFR program, OEM, and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs

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